What To Do When You Lose Your Car Keys

It is easily done. You are in a rush. Distracted whilst you are getting out of the car. Next thing you know, you have slammed the door shut and the car keys are on the inside. Or maybe you have done what sixteen per cent of Britons do each year and lose your car keys. Figures suggest that almost three million people in Britain do not have a spare set of car keys, and it can cost you dearly. Modern car keys are becoming so sophisticated that it is no longer simply a case of using a piece of wire or an old coat hanger to get your self back in the car.

Modern theft prevention systems, including immobilisers, alarms and shielded locks have all added to the cost and although they have been successful in driving car theft numbers down, for the individual who loses their keys, or gets locked out of the car, it can cause a whole range of problems, not least of which is the cost of getting back in your car. Replacement keys can cost as much as £250.00 upwards to replace. Thieves are actually targeting homes to steal the keys of desirable cars, simply because anti theft devices are becoming more efficient.

If you have a set of spare car keys, the trick is to keep them somewhere sensible. There are numerous examples of people putting them in the glove compartment or in hand bags or even on the same key ring as the one that has just gone missing. It may well be that if you have lost your keys and need help getting back in your car that your insurer is likely to call out a locksmith to help get into your car. If one is not available, they may supply you with a local recovery service who may take you back home, or if you prefer, a garage. All of this of course, will be carried out at your expense, and the cost may not stop there if you have to have alarms and immobilisers dealt with.

Many insurers appear to routinely exclude loss of keys in their policies, even though it is something that could happen to us at any time, and perhaps should be included, as it would normally be in any policy insuring against loss. There are one or two insurers who will insure against key loss, but generally you have to pay the cost and claim it back afterwards, but again, it does involve a locksmith coming out and gaining entry to your car. Many people choose to pay the total cost themselves, because with an excess of two hundred pounds on a policy, it may be worth doing this rather than losing your no claims bonus.

If you do need to call out a locksmith, they may well be able to get you up and running relatively easily. Many carry blank keys and transponder chips. Some manufacturers supply key numbers and security codes which enables the locksmith to provide a duplicate. Other types of key need more sophisticated equipment and diagnostic tools.

The best thing though is not to lose your keys in the first place, but each year a large number of people do. Carrying a spare key, somewhere safe and not easily stolen, is the obvious answer. For those of us who are not prepared, however, we might find ourselves learning an expensive lesson.

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